Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just wanted to share this heartfelt poem written by my beautiful 15 year old niece, Libby.

Now help me God
And listen well
This secret I'm about to tell
Is not the daily normal strife,
But about the truth of teenage life.
We teenagers think we know it all
We doubt that we will ever fall
But on our knees we find ourselves
On the paths of truth and heaven and hell.
Now the followers will take the path
Where Satan laughs his evil laugh
One more down he seems to say
As he goes looking for more prey.
Now the logical will take the path
Where there you stand as strong as staff
And bow our knees beneath your robe
And do exactly as we're told.
Now God my prayers just begun
We have the moon up until sun
I've got a lot my friend to say
In this bed of which I'll lay.
Now God we still have parents to
They tell us not and what to do
But we don't always listen right
We're all out getting drunk and high.
Cigarettes are a crime too
The ring of smoke that he just blew
I guess its just T.V these days
We've all become they're money slaves.
Now lets not forget those STD's
Where condoms failed to be the sleeve
Mommies and daddies at age of 12
Wow this world is going to hell.
So everyday we hear the news
Some drunk boy; hung up on booze
And tons of weed in the back of his car
Who knows who all he's sold it so far.
Now God come on are you kidding me?
Is this how life is supposed to be?
Now whoever knew it'd be so hard
For a teenager who's life's turned into shards?
So listen God and listen well
The secret that I had to tell
Is not about the normal strife
But the truth about a teenagers life.


JaVal said...

Wow, that's sophisticated for a 15 year old.

Softpencil said...

It´s so nice! Well done!!! said...

She has a grasp on the life of teenagers....Well done!

Almay Alday said...

Great poem! Love it!

Kristie said...

Very deep, and well written!

terryann said...

wow sad and direct... I hope she finds the Joy in answered prayers!