Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rice Microwave Heating Pads

Heat therapy is a non-invasive therapy to soothe sore muscles in your back, head, neck, shoulder, elbow, stomach, menstrual, leg, knee and feet. Grain Microwave Heating pads are the perfect way to get your heat therapy. Rice heating pads can also be infused with herbal scents for aromatherapy and additional benefits. Lavender and Vanilla will soothe and calm, Rosemary Mint soothe sore muscles, help headaches, peppermint helps to ease headache and eucalyptus help clear sinuses. Microwave Heating Pads are a great way to replace the corded heat pad and messy water bottles. Rice heating pads are safer than electric heating pads because they lose their heat gradually, whereas electric heating pads can catch fire during use or cause a drop in blood pressure if used for too long. Rice bags can also be infused with herbal scents for aromatherapy.

Different grains can be used to fill the heating pad...rice, corn, dried beans cherry pits and some use flax seed. I prefer rice as the grains are small and conform better to your body. Flax seed is also a small grain but it is primarily linseed oil which can cause fire. I would only use Flax seed as a cold compress pack. Rice also absorbs moisture... as we all who have gotten our cell phone wet know too well.... To add moist heat to your therapy lightly spritz your heating pad with water.
Heating Pads are multipurpose and reusable. Use them to soothe sore muscles, warm your feet, heat them up and take them to bed as a replacement for an electric blanket, warm your pets bed...the uses are endless.
Another great benefit of the heating pads are they serve a dual purpose. You can also put them in the freezer in a ziploc bag and use them for minor bumps, bruises and sprains. Please always seek a doctor's advice for anything more than minor pain, sprains or bumps.

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