Friday, February 27, 2009

Signs of Spring

Ahh Spring. My favorite time of the year. The days are getting warmer, the grass greener , flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are starting to bud.

Oh and its time to start thinking about getting the garden ready for planting. Some of my seedlings are starting to sprout. Here is some of my tomato seedlings peeking out...

and my cucumber seedling have gotten large enough to transplant into a larger container.
It was so nice yesterday that me, the kids and Pop planted some onions in one of my raised beds. We planted Sweet Georgia sets(on the right)that I'm hoping will make larger bulbs to store and use over the winter and some white onions (on the left) to use as green onions (scallions).

I'm hoping to keep a blogging journal of our backyard garden and it progress and all the yummy veggies that we (hopefully) will get to harvest, eat and preserve.


Amy said...

Good luck. I worked my hiney off in my garden last year and the stinkin' squirrels ate every last one of my tomatoes a couple of days before they were ready to pick. I was screaming mad. I think the experience has put me off gardening for a while. But I will enjoy reading about yours. :-)

Liz said...

I am so jealous! It is still only 30 -35 degrees here. there is still snow on the ground and i don't think that my tulips are going to bloom any time soon. :)

smokeymountainscents said...

Amy, I don't blame you I'd be mad too. I've been lucky so far with varmits not getting to my veggies. Keep your fingers crossed for me this year. Oh, and don't give up if you enjoy it. Keep trying.

Liz, Oh man do I remember that Germany weather!!

BeebaBottoms said...

pretty pictures... I wish it was warm enough here for planting.