Monday, March 9, 2009

Backyard Veggie Garden

We had a busy weekend in the veggie garden. We made 3 more raised bed. The beds are 4x4 and made with untreated lumber. We planted one with a variety of lettuce (head lettuce, romaine mix & butterhead mix)and spinach, one with broccoli and one with carrots and radishes. We also planted older raised beds of cabbage, brussel sprouts and we planted 3 rows of potatoes.

Head lettuce in corners, Romaine Mix & Butterhead between head lettuce and spinach in center.

Broccoli in a squarefoot bed . Plants should be one per square, but I had a few extra plant so a few are planted two per square.

This bed is seeded with alternating rows of carrots and radishes. My plan is that the radishes will be gone and give more room for the carrots to grow.

Cabbage planted in one of my existing raised squarefoot bed.

I planted Brussel sprouts in this bed. This is my first time growing brussel sprouts, so we'll see how well they do.

Oh, look the peas are finally sprouting!! I was about to give up on them.

Our container potato experiment: We had extra seed potatoes when we finished planting the rows and decided to try an experiment by trying to grow potatoes in flower pots to see what happens. I planted two containers each with kennebec, red pontiac and yukon gold.

6 comments: said...

Hubby has a huge garden and I have small herb's no wehre near time for us to plant yet.

Seeds can go in the ground May 1st, and seedlings after Mothers Day.

We are getting the soil ready though...Looking forward to keeping up with your garden.
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Rosemary said...

Woe, you are really on the ball! I'm still in the planning stages of our garden. At least the ground is plowed. I didn't realize that you were only about three hours away from me. I know it is cooler up your way so I have just got to get moving on our garden! You have given me the "nudge" that I needed to get planting.

Do you plant potatoes every year? If so, how do you store them. Storage is my biggest concern this year with planting potatoes for the first time. My 1/2 basement isn't very cool, or dark. Any tips?

smokeymountainscents said...


I grew potaotes last year, but scavengered so many for new potatoes that we didn't have many to store. I usually get those from my dad who has about a 3 acre garden.

Once they were dug, put them in a cool dark place for a few days and then store in a cool place. I use my garage and they store great there.

Samantha said...

How exciting and delicious it all sounds. I think it's time to start paying attention to my sad little neglected herb garden again. Thanks for sharing! :)

Paul said...

its very exciting

Paul said...

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