Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ETSY Seller Protection...Who protects the seller from ETSY?

I had my shop on ETSY since 2010, then two days ago I went to log in and my account had been deactivated! There were no warnings, no notices, no emails, no policy violations. My feedback was 100% positive with very happy customers. My account was in good standing...bills paid timely, no complaints of any kind.

ETSY was my main means of supporting my two children and I. Yes, I do have other shops on other venues, but most my effort went into promoting and making a business out of ETSY. I had 356 listings that I would have lost my pics, my descriptions , my tags, everything had I not had them listed elsewhere. I did lose the listing fee on all those also. They still owe me money from direct checkout, which I am sure I will never see. and if I had orders they won't get filled because I have no way to know what they were or who to send them to.

I emailed etsy support 10 times (they have NO customer support phone number ),tweeted numerous times and contacted 3 admin via their email to try and find out the reason why they closed my shop without notifying me of a reason why or that they were going to close it. My only response from ETSY as to why was a reply on twitter that they would get back to me as soon as possible. I am still waiting for them to tell me why! Where is ETSY customer service to its clients (the sellers). Had I treated one of my customers in this fashion I would expect to be shut down but it seems ok if ETSY treats the seller this way.

Getting no reply from ETSY and totally clueless as to why my account was closed..I posted on forums using my buyer account hoping to get some attention or information. Both threads were closed by admin and my buyer account was also deactivated. I can no longer purchase from etsy either.

So I am wondering how we protect ourselves from ETSY itself. I never needed protection from a buyer...only from ETSY dictatorship.

I am not the first person this has happened to nor will I be the last.


Laurel said...

What Etsy has done to you really, really bothers me. I KNOW what a great seller you are! And I don't want to lose what I've invested in my Etsy shop. I don't have huge sales, but it is one form of contact with other artists and crafters, and it is a way to keep my art in the public eye for a reasonable price. I'm seriously thinking of starting my own website to sell my work now. . . .

Teresa Hannah said...

Thank you so much for your support, Laurel. If I was you, I would at the least make sure you have copies of all your photos and listing descriptions so you won't lose those. I have always believed in having your eggs in more than one basket anyway and luckily I did here.

Kristina Roland said...

Since they have done this to you I decided to check on my old (very VERY unused) etsy shop. Which I might add has a balance that I owe to etsy. Guess what, my shop is still there! So is the feedback I've left... so without further ado, here is the feedback that I just left you for my recent purchase:
"I am THRILLED with my purchase! The order arrived in unbelievably, super-human fast, turn around time. The products were well cushioned and I had no fear what so ever about damage or breakage (which of course didn't happen, but with glass one is always fearful). I was actually surprised that I didn't smell a lot of the scent through the sealed box or really even once it was first opened. Another testament to the proper packaging, because once I opened the actual candle and tarts the smell of heaven wafted out. And, after a large inhalation I sighed a smile. I am SO happy to have my fall scent that I love so dearly. Thank you Blackberry Thyme for bringing my autumn dreams to reality."

Teresa Hannah said...


Thank you so much! SO glad you are enjoying your Candles and melts from my shop. I am very happy that your shop is still up and you won't have to deal with this. I still have NO clue as to why they chose me..if its a glitch, or mistake..guess I won't know since they will not answer any of my correspondence.

Kindred said...

I know how hard you work. I have seen it in your blog post, your listings, your tweets, your shop. It is a lot of hard work being the creator, promoter, designer, and the heart of your own business. And to have all that hard work, time and energy just tossed away is heart breaking and you deserve to know why Etsy has done this with out even considering the effects it has on your life,.the stress, financial burden ..... it is outrageous.

Teresa Hannah said...


Thank you so much. I really appreciate you support.Yes, it is heartbreaking and frustrating..if I had done something to violate policy..I feel I should have been give the chance to know what it was and to fix it.